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Our Philosophy

Our Purpose:

I-Koach Fitness was created to help people who are seeking a more fit life but can’t find the help and support they need to be successful in traditional fitness environments. Why do we feel individualized training is crucial to success? Fitness is motion, and motion is life! If a person wants to maintain a high standard of living throughout their life, it is imperative to participate in a challenging fitness program several times a week at a minimum. The key to achieving success in fitness is strength training, which is at the heart of our training programs.

Our Motto of Success:

Individuals who move well and move often live a better and longer life. 

Our Mission Statement:

I-Koach Fitness is a personal training and small group training facility that specializes in results-based individualized fitness programs and promotes a healthy lifestyle, empowering the lives of all who want to be fitter and stronger.

Our Approaches:

  • Functional and strength training is the foundation behind our success stories. 
  • We practice safety and proper lifting techniques first.
  • Everyone should have fun while training, no matter age or current conditioning. 
  • Our clients are treated as equals. We do not discriminate against anyone for any reason. 
  • You cannot out-train a bad diet. We teach nutrition by the art of reduction. We do not believe in diets, rather, we believe in seeking a healthier life through developing better habits, one day at a time. 
  • Everyone has something to work on. Every client brings us some type of physical issue that must be solved. Thus, we spend more time on what the client can do and less time on what they can’t. Everyone can do something that will benefit him or herself over time. 

Our Training Method

At I-Koach Fitness we offer the best training results. It’s that simple! 

We provide a variety of training options that will fit your needs best; and a highly qualified training team that will help you achieve your goals. 

What services you choose to get you those results depend on your goals, budget, and time commitment. Our coaches are required to maintain the highest level of certifications available as well as continue educating themselves about the fitness and health industry and the changes we experience on a daily basis. We believe becoming certified should be considered the beginning of a trainer’s education, not the end, and our trainers are constantly learning and improving. We are confident you will not find better coaches anywhere else around town! 

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