Client Testimonial Spotlights

Check out what our clients have to say about I-Koach Fitness

“When I first started with I-Koach Fitness, I originally thought my goal would be to lose weight. While that was huge, they also helped me to gain that missing self-confidence piece. The coaches help me to create new goals as the old ones are met, push me far beyond what I ever thought possible, and motivate me to want to do more. They keep me accountable with not only my weight, but also other aspects of my life. They have also taught me that goal setting is huge if you want to meet your goals! Being able to follow through with the goals, going back and making necessary revisions, and setting short and long term goals are all part of the same package. I feel like finding any other gym in the area or hiring a trainer outside of this gym, the focus would have remained on my weight only. Coaches here understand that a healthy body is more than just pounds, it’s all areas of life.”

“I cannot say enough about I-Koach Fitness and the positive changes they have made in my life. At 48, I am the strongest I have ever been physically. As a physical therapist, I am confident in all coaches’ knowledge and trust them unequivocally with my fitness goals. I have lost nearly 30 Lbs and managed to maintain that weight loss for a year through their nutrition guidance. They all truly care about each person that they train and strive to make a difference in each of their lives. I-Koach Fitness now has gained the trust of my husband and my three children! Go check out I-Koach Fitness and make sure to meet all the awesome coaches they have! You will be so glad you did!”

“I cannot speak highly enough about I-Koach Fitness and the coaching staff here. I started my training with them approximately one year ago and I am truly glad I made this choice. My main goal was to get back the strength I had lost. I have done that . . . and then some! Coaches here take your personal goals into account and are able to modify workouts to suit your personal needs. They are all great motivators and help you to improve each time; I have come farther than I would have thought possible a year ago. Even more important than this, the coaches are always positive and upbeat and are a terrific example to anyone who is either starting their fitness journey or is someone who is a frequent visitor of the gym. All coaches here push themselves incredibly hard because they truly care for all the clients and their ability to meet their goals. Finally, I have entrusted I-Koach Fitness with my sons' training as well. It was important to me for my sons to learn how to work out safely and to structure their workouts to see improvement. They have made great strides, thanks to the coaches for being such role models for them.``

“I have never been someone that enjoyed working out and struggled my whole life to find a fitness routine that I could stick with. Working out with I-Koach Fitness the past few years has been different than anything I've ever tried. Coaches here are able to create an environment where I not only feel comfortable and safe, but also push me at a pace that feels right for me. As I age, I know that flexibility, core strength and balance are critical. I never knew the right way to lift weights before and was frequently injured. All coaches here know how to modify and adjust the workouts to make them just right for my goals and needs. Their experience and skill, combined with some of the greatest personalities of all time, are the reasons why I have recommended this place to many of my friends. They are the best in the business!”

“I have been going to I-Koach Fitness for almost 6 months now. What I do like about I-Koach Fitness....individualized training based on my fitness level, constant encouragement, changing of workouts every time, it is actually fun and a great stress reliever. I almost let my age keep me from starting! At 67, I feel stronger than ever before, more flexible, have more energy and just feel better than I did at 50.”

“I started working out with I-Koach Fitness about 3 months ago. Once the pandemic hit, I didn’t have the motivation or desire to keep up with my workouts. All coaches here have this “bigger than life” personality that inspires others to be their best self. They cater to my personal needs, are very supportive and always make me feel so comfortable. Every coach makes each work out a unique and fun experience while at the same time knowing when to push me harder when I get complacent. I can honestly say I look forward to training at I-Koach Fitness every week!”

“Be You, Do You, For You! We are all unique individuals. We’ve had successes and failures with diets, gyms, personal trainers, and online self help programs. However, once we find the perfect fit for our individual selves, we just want more and more. I found my more! I found I-Koach Fitness and its coaches to personally train me at the most difficult time of our lives...COVID-19. Along with three other wonderful women who also take their health and fitness seriously, we would either social distance at the park to train or gather online and Zoom. All of the coaches' dedication to help strengthen our older bodies and understand our individual health issues was nothing I’ve ever experienced. It’s not just a job to the coaches here, they ALL truly care. Through my personal journey, they helped me with my nutrition, gave me support and guidance to work towards my goals both physically and mentally, and encouraged me to keep focused on the end result. My mind and body have never been in better condition! I can’t imagine NOT training with them now. I am me, you are you. I don’t follow what you do because I am different than you. I do this for ME. Thus, I promise that to you, coaches here will help you be a better YOU.”

“Can a 65 year old female with Type 2 Diabetes and knee replacements rock a personal trainer? Absolutely, if it is one of the trainers at I-Koach Fitness!!! An answer to my prayers to get fit, the trainers here have been guiding me through this new journey for two months. Their kindness, knowledge and endless encouragement are more than you could ask for in a trainer! I’m on my way to a healthier existence thanks to the coaches here! You guys ROCK!!!!”

“I'm so thankful for I-Koach Fitness. The gym I belonged to closed down during the pandemic and I was so fearful of how I was going to keep my activity up without the gym. I had lost 100 pounds and was scared! Thankfully for me I became connected with one of the coaches here at I-Koach Fitness and began working out with him. Although, they are ALL motivating, encouraging and energizing, pushing me to do and try things that would be unreachable without having them believing in me. Even at my age of 33/33+1, yes that equals 67, I'm able to keep up with a 20 year younger workout partner. Being older they all know what I need to modify and what I don't while intensely focusing on my needs and being watchful to avoid injuries. All while having fun and sharing laughs! I'm stronger now than I've ever been in my life and have kept nearly 100 pounds off thanks to I-Koach Fitness. I can't imagine life without this awesome place!”

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