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Meet with a fitness professional for our one-on-one consultation.

Go over a fitness assessment (Functional Movement Screen). 

Analysis of your assessment and discuss steps to improve.

Identify the membership that best fits your needs/goals.

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Personal Training

The most targeted individualized approach to bridging the gap between you and your goals. From day one, our personal training services are designed to help you navigate your unique challenges, and help break down barriers seperating you from your goals. Here at I-Koach Fitness, we are commited to supporting you through every step of the process, challenging you to get the very most out of your training experience. Allowing our qualified trainers to work with you 1-on-1 allows us to coach you as an individual and give you the highest level of our attention and service in order to ensure you are meeting your fitness goals.


Semi-Private Training

 Our team of personal trainers are going to watch every move you make and be sure you are staying safe in the gym and getting the results you want. What makes this experience unique though is that each workout is tailored to each individual's needs and goals. An added benefit, you can save on session pricing by training with your spouse, friend, or family member. Take advantage of the extra accountability of working out together as you crush your goals!


small group training

There is something so motivating and inspiring when you are at the gym working out, while being surrounded by other individuals working as hard as you are to reach their own fitness goals. It is even more energizing and inspiring when you know these people -- they are your friends and partners on a collective fitness journey! That is what it is like in our small group training classes of up to 3-6 people. You get personalized instruction from our experienced coaches, alongside the energy of group dynamic!   


large Group fitness classes

Our group training sessions combine functional strength training with cardio and intense bursts of anaerobic exercise to deliver the best results. This style of workouts are led by one of our qualified trainers and they are designed to burn calories and improve your overall cardiovascular conditioning. A group of up to 10 people are RAMPED up with a circuit style training by utilizing dumbbells, TRX straps, kettlebells, ropes, and body weight exercises. Give us your 100% and let us help you get the results you want. Your experience here with us at I-Koach Fitness should be more than just a great workout! 


Nutrition Coaching and Goal setting

Our approach towards nutrition is simple: we are going back to the basics with real, whole foods. We do not do flash diets, fads, or gimmicks. The best part? You do not have to give up foods that you love. Your nutrition has the strongest effect on transforming your body, period. What, how, when, and why you eat help us design an individualized approach to closing the gap between you and your goals. Our nutrition coaching services are specifically designed to educate you on how to eat for your goals based on your activity, body type, lifestyle, and many other factors that often hold people back. You will learn how to implement the most effective strategies based on your lifestyle and goals, so you earn results you can feel, and that others notice! 


Virtual Training

I-Koach Fitness offers personalized, purpose-driven, and performance-based remote training programs. Our training is designed for fat-loss and lean muscle development. Take the guesswork out of exercise with live coach-guided workouts. Our coaches will monitor your real-time movement in order to give personalized feedback. Looking for something to do on your own time? Our science-based, innovative, and creative programs are guaranteed to give you a fun, effective, and efficient training experience. 


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What separates us from other fitness studios you have attended before?

Long-Term Health Focus:

“We are committed to help you achieve your short-term & long-term goals!” Educated/Committed Training Team Sustainable Safe Workouts Focus on giving you the tools to create a healthy Lifestyle

Friendly/Safe Environment:

“We’re the cheers of the fitness industry.” Sparkly Clean facility Positive Energy Team Members No Judgment gossip free zone

Extreme Accountability:

“There will be nowhere to hide!” Flexible Scheduling Nutritional Support Regular Progress Meetings with your coach

Completely Personalized:

“We’ll know everything about you and your body” Individualized Fitness and Nutrition Plan A coach at EVERY session Each workout designed for YOUR needs!